The Complete Single Mother

The Complete Single Mother BookDr. Leah’s book The Complete Single Mother answers the questions you may have about single motherhood but were either too busy, too afraid, or didn’t even think to ask.

Reassuring Answers to Your Most Challenging Concerns
Winner of the prestigious “Parent’s Guide Award”

Questions about sex and dating, custody issues, managing your finances, parenting those ages and stages, helping your child cope with divorce, co-parenting, dealing with an irresponsible ex, handling work pressures, collecting child support, responding to tough questions like “Where’s Daddy?” and much more. This book offers the pragmatic advice and expert information you need to meet the challenges of singlemommyhood.

With creative thinking, artful planning, and The Complete Single Mother, you can raise happy, healthy, and productive children, retain your sanity and sense of humor — and live the happy and fulfilling life you deserve.

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